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This is not a normal album!!! 

Itʼs a 


(Digital Album Movie) 


It's About T.I.M.E..

This is not a normal album!!! 

Itʼs a DAM (Digital Album Movie)

My album is titled, “Itʼs About T.I.M.E.", the double entendre. I haven't released a solo album in so long that itʼs about time I do! T.I.M.E., an acronym that stands for The Illest Man Ever. It's the story of my life.


There are three young actors that play the evolution of STICKY FINGAZ. All of the kids look like me and had to shave their heads bald to get the part.


The run-time of my DAM is about 30 minutes. NOTTZ RAW produced all the music for the movie portion of the album. 


Digital Album Movie Download

Digital Album Movie on Sticky Fingaz Thumb Drive

There are several bonus tracks, independent of the DAM, that were done by various other producers with features from:


ONYX ~ N.O.R.E. ~ M.O.P. ~ CASSIDY ~ VADO And more!


Each bonus track is accompanied by a visual as well.


The lead song for the “It's About T.I.M.E: The Illest Man Ever” campaign is called "Put Your Fingaz Up!” 


The video for "Put Your Fingaz Up" is filmed with the most amazing visual technology of today: VR (Virtual Reality) 360!!! Digital Album Mix-tape and Lyrics.

Also Includes Bonus Song - "Bust Down Light Up" (Kodak Black Diss)